How Kenko Meals Will Change Your Life If You Use It In The Morning

How Kenko Meals Will Change Your Life If You Use It In The Morning

Very few people are not in a hurry in the mornings and take the time to enjoy a good nutritious breakfast without stress on weekdays. Here are some examples of fictional situations which might be familiar and make you want to experience the KENKO difference for yourself.

The work from home professional

Before: Philippe wakes up late almost every morning. Half asleep, he opens his computer, puts on a sweater and rushes to connect to his video-conference meeting on time. He doesn't take the time to eat breakfast and spends the meeting being too hungry to concentrate. As soon as the meeting ends, he eats way too many bagels. Having eaten too much, he’s half-asleep in front of his computer and dreams of going back to bed.

After: Philippe grabs his KENKO shake bottle while putting on his sweater, adds water and quietly drinks his nutritious meal while participating in his meeting. His interventions are much more relevant, and he feels good and full of energy all morning.

The fit young woman

Before: Judith goes running every morning. She doesn’t like to run on a full stomach, but sometimes feels weak when she’s not eating at all. When she returns from her jog, she is starving, but must hurry to go to work. She decides to eat one or two granola bars, but that leaves her hungry all morning. She compensates by eating a lot at lunchtime and dinner, so she does not see the results of her training on her weight loss.

After: Judith takes her snack-size almond-flavored KENKO when she wakes up in the morning. She is filled with energy for her run without feeling too full, which allows her to improve her time. Then she can head quickly to work, while enjoying her regular-size strawberry KENKO in the subway, and she feels great all morning. She notices that she eats less than before at subsequent meals because she is less hungry, and her sports pants are starting to get too big.

The suburban worker

Before: Julien spends more than an hour in his car every morning to get to work. There are several fast food chains on his way and, almost every morning, he ends up stopping to order breakfast at the drive-through. His father has heart problems and he knows the importance of taking care of his health, but when he’s hungry and stressed-out by the traffic, he lacks willpower. The worst part is that he ends up spending even more time in his car, with the long line of cars waiting to order.

After: Julien listens to the radio in traffic while slowly sipping his KENKO. No longer hungry, he is not tempted to stop to order fast food. He knows that he is doing the right thing for his health and that he is giving his body natural ingredients that provide all the nutrients it needs. He arrives at work earlier every morning and manages to get more work done.

The overwhelmed mom

Before: Marie-Pierre has two young children, 2 and 4 years old, whom she must drop off at daycare before going to work. She runs everywhere in the morning trying to take 2-3 bites of cereal, while feeding breakfast to the youngest and looking for the oldest’s favourite sweater. She arrives at the office completely exhausted and her overly sweet breakfast leads to an energy crash at 10am.

After: Marie-Pierre drinks her Kenko in the morning, which allows her to concentrate on helping her children prepare for school. Not having to prepare a meal for herself has freed up time in her morning schedule, which allows this busy mom some breathing room. She gives her body a healthy and nutritious meal, which gives her the energy to get through her busy days.

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